Scholar’s Studio

Current Faculty: Kathleen Walkup

Scholars Studio: A maker space for scholars of the book

The course will provide hands-on work with the processes of papermaking, printing and binding for those scholars who would like to experience a more direct connection between the scholarly study of the book and its technical practice. You will spend a week in the studios of the Book Art Program at Mills College where you will set type by hand, print on a variety of letterpresses including an 1860 Albion handpress, learn simple binding structures, and make paper at Oakland’s Magnolia Editions. You will participate in demonstrations of offset printing and etching, carve a linoleum block and visit an Oakland typecasting and print shop. Discussions in Mills’ Special Collections will contextualize the studio work in historical and contemporary practice through examinations of books such as the Nuremberg Chronicle, the First Folio, the Kelmscott Chaucer and contemporary fine press and artists’ books. You will have the option of supervised evening studio hours if you would like to pursue a small individual project.

First-time printers, papermakers and binders are welcome in the class; no experience is necessary. All tools and materials will be supplied, including a special printer’s apron. The studios are sustainably operated and virtually solvent-free.

Years Taught: 2014