Fiona Ross

Fiona Ross specializes in type design and typography primarily for South Asian, Arabic and Thai scripts, with a background in languages and PhD in Indian Palaeography (SOAS). She works as a consultant, type designer, author and lecturer; and is Professor in Type Design (part-time) at the University of Reading (UK). In addition to her published collaborative typeface design work for clients such as Ananda Bazar Patrika, Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Monotype and Harvard University Press, Fiona has co-curated seven international exhibitions, and written and contributed to books and numerous articles. Her work and research are focused on (a) Asian type design: theory, history, practice; (b) design approaches to multi-script typeface design; (c) the relationship of tools and typefounding methods to the visible appearance of typeforms of diverse writing systems; and (d) documenting type design as an often-unacknowledged collaborative process. For her work in type design and education, Fiona received the SoTA Typography Award (2014) and the Type Director’s Club Medal (2018).

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