Liza Mardoyan

Liza Mardoyan is a Mellon Foundation funded PhD student at the University of California, Los Angeles, in the Information Studies department. She earned her Master of Library Science and Information Studies at UCLA in 2020, specializing in Rare Books, Print, and Visual Culture. She is primarily interested in Armenian Medieval manuscripts, the history of the book, paleography, literacy, and transfer of knowledge within the east and west Mediterranean cultures in the early modern period, via the book trade through merchant mobility routes. Her research focuses on the cultural relationship between Armenians and Venetians and the resulting book network. In 2022, for her work in the Decorative Bird Initials in the Armenian Manuscript Culture, she was awarded the New Scholar Prize from the Bibliographical Society of America. For many years, she resided and experienced the essence of the city that “made the world read” – Venice, Italy.