Lylliam Posadas received an M.Sc. in the Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials from University College London and a double BA in Anthropology and Psychology from UCLA. Lylliam has participated in field research in Ghana, Peru, Louisiana, and California, including the protection of culturally significant sites. Lylliam has over 10 years of experience in repatriation and focuses on community access and control of collections, community leadership in the development of research practices, and justice practice within museums. More recently, Lylliam has been working with archivists to build awareness of how archival materials are used during the repatriation process and to develop best practices for working with Indigenous communities.

Courses taught: Repatriation in Practice: Confronting Institutional Histories and Designing Systemic Change (part of Special Issues in Art Librarianship: Developing Critical/Decolonial Praxis), 2022