Vaibhav Singh

Vaibhav Singh is an independent typographer, typeface designer, and researcher. He holds an MA and PhD from the University of Reading, where he was subsequently a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow. He is editor and publisher of Contextual alternate: journal of communication, technology, design, and history, and chairman of the Printing Historical Society, London. His research focuses on design, technology, and printing history in the South Asian context, situating the history of Indian-script typography within global creative and commercial networks and examining questions related to materiality, infrastructure, politics, labour, and technological innovation for text-based communication. For his research projects, he has been awarded fellowships from the Willison Foundation Charitable Trust, the Bibliographical Society, Bodleian Libraries, Smithsonian Institution, and the British Library, among others. 

Courses Previously Taught

South Asian Types, 2023