Byzantine Illuminated Manuscripts

Current Faculty: Justine Andrews

Description: Inspired by the exhibition Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections which will be on view at the Getty Villa Museum, April 9- August 25, 2014, this course will explore the painted page in Byzantine manuscripts.  The Byzantine Empire spanned many centuries (c. 600 – 1453 A.D.) and covered territory from Italy to Syria and from Turkey to North Africa.  And yet with the wide diversity of people and locations, Byzantine imagery appears largely consistent. This course will give a general overview of illuminated manuscripts in the Middle Ages, as well as a survey of Byzantine art.

We will study early Byzantine manuscripts and their relationship to Ancient art and Western Medieval art.  We will continue through the middle Byzantine period and late Byzantine periods learning to identify the diversity in styles and types of illuminated texts. Attention will also be given to the codicology and technical aspects of medieval manuscripts, using primary manuscript material at UCLA. We will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition at the Villa, as well as a private viewing of Byzantine manuscripts in the Getty Museum Manuscripts reading room. The course will also include a unique opportunity to explore the materials and methods of manuscript production by trying your own hand at illuminating the page.

Requirements: No previous experience necessary.

Years Taught: 2014