Ruth Rogers

Ruth R. Rogers is Curator of Special Collections at Wellesley College, where she administers a broad humanities collection of rare books and manuscripts. In her acquisitions and teaching, she specializes in the evolution of the book as material culture, visual communication, and artistic form. Rogers teaches a hands-on intensive seminar in Special Collections, History of the Book from Manuscript to Print, as a visiting lecturer in the Art Department, and lectures for other courses throughout the curriculum. She is a co-founder of the Book Studies Program, an interdisciplinary initiative spanning centuries and media. Rogers is a frequent juror for exhibitions and awards in book arts, and is the author of nine essays in the recently published Materialia Lumina exhibition catalog (2022), sponsored by the Codex Foundation. In her talks and publications, Rogers advocates for the critical reading of international contemporary artists’ books in teaching and research. With a grant from the Delmas Foundation and support from the Codex Foundation, she convened a collecting seminar at Wellesley College for academic librarians with the goal of articulating standards and creative approaches for building institutional collections with artists’ books.